To begin I would like to pay tribute to my parents, Clement and Therese LE  COSSEC.

I am Etienne LE COSSEC, married during 38 years to Mari-Pierre, father of four children. Last of a family of eight children, I have had the privilege to grow up in a Christian family, in the teaching of the Word of God, the Communication from the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I think now with strength and humility the power of this Bible verse :

2 Corinthians 13

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all!

Very young in addition to education at home , I followed the  » Sunday School  » for children, with  appropriateprograms of knowledge of the word of God. I have always loved and glorified our God.

At 12 , the Lord Jesus Christ baptized me with the Holy Spirit and at the age of 14 years I am committed to follow, through the waters of baptism. I wanted deeply serve our Lord Jesus Christ, be his disciple.

A 2o years , in 1978 , I began my Bible studies, in addition to my work. Reading the Bible, studies teacher George Meyer, Théom Denis Ferret Wasso and my father, his books and good biblical literature have enriched me in knowledge.

These beginnings were difficult, in January 1979, my mom left for the heavenly homeland, quickly swept away by leukemia a month of my marriage. End of 1979 I had to undergo a first herniated disc operation.

But despite this I continued to dig the groove of the gospel and undertook the opening of the gypsy church of Rennes,

Photo with a Gypsy family, exchanges of simplicity and of fraternal love.

I had the opportunity to accompany my father in Europe, the USA and could measure his consecration and his brotherly love with the struggle to break the chains of separations of the pride of race, face, square . In 1980, I performed my first missionary trip to India and met with him the first time brother Solomon K. Venkatal.

Photo in New Delhi in 1980 with my father Clement LE COSSEC.

In 1982, I passed my exams end of biblical studies at the  Biblical Center in Ennordres successfully. I was recognized as a pastor before the pastoral body and at the end of the ceremony, the Lord confirmed me, filling me with the Holy Spirit by a powerful anointing, that overflowed the assembly. This met with a vow I made to God that no doubt my vocation.

Diploma of pastor: April 3, 1982, after four years of testing.

That year, the doctors wanted to fix me a plate in the back because I was getting to the point of not being able to walk. But Jesus lifted me .

1984 I left the city of Rennes, after laying a solid foundation for the gypsy church that rayon and is still growing today.

I did the same thing , arriving at Le Mans. I started meeting regularly three times a week renting a room on the place designated for travelers. We bought, a wooden house then a larger church in the city, with donations from sedentary .

The church has grown at Le Mans and shines in a beautiful building on the outskirts,at  Ruaudin.

After all these years of service and volunteerism in the context of the Gypsy Mission Life and Light, much remains to be done. For this I need your help, God bless you and touches your heart. I’m going to need  your prayers .

My goal is to testify this diversity of church members and promote its union with a larger share, shares of God and a living testimony.

Photo taken during minister’s graduation ceremony to Bangalore, in India, in 2002.

I have for you an important message for the communion of the Church!

My projects :

-Responding to invitations from churches and share thoughts, words that God put in my heart for evangelism and edification, and other projects, develop exchanges fraternal and mutual encouragement.

-Work at the sharing and for a greater communion between various Christian Communities, sedentary or gypsies.

-Participate in missionary activities in France or abroad .

-Work on this Website to bring you messages, testimonies, news.

God bless you , May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all!